New Roof

Depending on what type of style and color you want the roof to feature, we'll custom cater an approach that will get you the best product for the best price. New roofs are easy, the secret is to coordinate well with the A/C install guys - that's the maker or breaker.


So we'll pretty much do all of it, tear off the existing roof, replace rotten or damaged wood & re-sheathe the entire building. Now, Keep in mind, we install all types of roofing systems, from shingles to modified torch down roofs to clay and concrete tile - we're good with all of it. Be assured, that we'll choose the right approach depending on the condition.

Roof Repair

So first, we determine what the recurring leak or problem is, through verbal description by property owner & by physically evaluating the structure. Then we go devise repair scenarios, to help narrow down the correct plan of execution. Once we've come to an agreement, it's time to get working.